Saturday, January 12, 2013


 Help me.. should I go with bangs or no bangs?

I really love this haricut but, I also LOVE bangs. So what do you think this haircut with a deep side swept bang?

Here is the side swept bang I want:)

Again I can still not post pictures  from my computer to the blog. I have no idea why. anyone else having this problem?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Deep cleaning..

I have been trying to deep clean the house. I am not sure what exactly I needed to do. I  thought about this and said hmm.. I don't know if my house has ever been deep cleaned.
 First I wiped down all of the baseboards in the house. This took a long time but I have to tell ya it looks nice. (this took a full day with upstairs and down stairs) of course it was done over the course of the day:)

Next, I really cleaned out the fridge. I do wipe  it down alot but I took the ketchup's, salad dressings etc.. moved those and cleaned under them. It was smelly. Then I cleaned the freezer.
I threw old food away and wiped it down.

Next I am going to clean behing the washer and dryer, then wipe down fans.

What else do I need to do to really deep clean?

I searched Pinterst for a monthly list of todo's for a deep cleaned house. Most of the list's I found broke it down by doing it weekly.. I wanted a one monthly big deep cleaning thing to do..  This way I didn't feel overwhelmed. If I could be done in a month period I could get it done. If it was weekly it would just get lost in my piles of dishes, laundry and toys. 
This way I could carve out a little time here and there.
Hmm.. maybe I should make a list?

If I do I need ideas on what to clean for a deep cleaned house.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I am so proud of myself:)

 I didn't think of the idea and I have already posted on this before.
I am back at it again with the Sharpie and plate:)

I thought of this awhile ago but couldn't post because it was a Christmas gifts for Nana and she is probably my only reader:)

I am just proud of myself for coming up with some I think is clever... 
Check it out after the jump..
I guess you can't post pictures from your computer anymore. I will put the picture up on my facebook... boo...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Book rings my new love...

I didn't come up with this idea*

I always hate throwing out Christmas cards that come especially the ones with pictures. I am bad I know I shouldn't throw them out but I did.. Now, I have no excuse.

I punched holes in the sides of them put them through the book rings and Viola! Now, I will put them away with my Christmas stuff bring them out next year and years to come. I will keep adding any pictures I get through the years.

I think this will be an awesome way to see how we grow and a great little coffee table book.

I am now in love with book rings. I can make so many little flip books for the kids. My next project is a touch and feel "book" for Elliott.