Wednesday, October 31, 2012

$5 for a tooth

Yep, that is how much we gave Christian for his 1st tooth. Am I setting it up taht his teeth will be worth $25 by the time they are all out?
Can I go back to a $1?
How much did the tooht fairy leave you? for me it was 50 cents at the most and I was psyched at that.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pinterest tries

I have tried a few things on pinterest and here they are so far.

Come check them out

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I have a new hairstyle....

It is called sock bun, all the celebrities are doing it...

OK, so I didn't think of it but I did try it out and I love it.... I am so bad at doing hair I mean I cant even braid my own hair but this was easy. it would be easier if you had hair that was one length. Mine being in layers it is a little messy but still looks nice.

here is the link I  used to learn how to do it:

here is what mine looked like this is my 2nd time trying it:

I have to say a tighter sock would help alot. it is a little messy but maybe practice will have me having a new style:)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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My bucket list

I know who says bucket list but old people right? Before kids it was called life and I did it when I wanted. 

Now I have to make a list...

Well here is my bucket list:

Sunday, October 21, 2012

tooth fairy?

Soon the tooth fairly will be making a visit to my home. C has his first loose tooth. Seems like it has taken forever. Most of his cousin's and friends all ready have lost teeth.

I am kinda sad this means he is really growing up on me, no more baby anything not even teeth:(

I made a tooth fairy pillow partly because I couldn't find a pillow in the stores and partly because I just wanted to ( me sticking my tongue out at you:)

here it is:
I'd like to add this is a no-sew project.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I am sure we all have had a nickname growing up. I had scotter and skeetter( me and my sister where that) we were also called rug rats.

I have nicknames for each of the kids most wont stick but still they wroked at the time.

C was crabs in the pants because he was so so so crabby. I also called him babycakes, bud. Bud has stuck the other two not so much.

P- paige- a- reno that one has stuck. Lady. I call her that when she is being silly.

E- buddy boos. This one I dont think will stick.

So what was your nickname or what do you call your kids?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Contest**** end 10-14-12 @ 9pm

I went shopping at Tops On friday 10/12 and I got what is pictures. Sorry I couldnt get everything in the picture standing up straight.  I had little hands helping me rearrange everytime i had it just right.

Tell me how much I spent. whoever is closest or right one will get a coupon for Stonefield yogurt organic greek yogurt 2 FREE 5.3 oz cups.

Dont forget to print your coupons from this link Please:

without coupons and shoppers club card it was $92.76.

So what do you think?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

JCP $10 off of $10

For those of you who are signed up for JCP rewards check your email. they sent me a $10 off $10 purchase.

halloween... oh i love you

I love to dress up... always have but Halloween makes it so much more fun.

Before marriage and kids I wanted to go all sexy, now after kids/marriage I can dress up as myself and hell that is scary enough:)

here is a costume a frazzled mother, wife, friend,  trying to fit it all in.

This costume would have a cup of coffee a kid whining and a phone ringing, a calender filled up with way to much shit to do. and be starving because it never gets a chance to sit down and eat.. now who doesn't want that:)???

 I am excited this year hoping my costume comes out like it has in my head. I will post a picture when I have gone to the parties...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to tame a circus.

As many of you know I call my family a circus. We are full of tricks have lots of laugh and someone is always doing something that is just plain silly.

Before I got my mini van I had a mid-size SUV. Nothing makes you feel more like a circus then getting  three kids out of the car one at a time. People must think oh there could only be like 0ne maybe two kids tops in that suv. Oh  there is one, and another.. She must be done there is no way 3 kids could fit in that suv and then boom, smoke appears then magic, another kid:)

Now with the mini-van I feel like I am driving the train that transports everyone a la Water for Elephants style.

Now my circus is hard to tame but I have found some ways to tame them...

here they are:

1. ice cream, cookies, chocolate, candy-- any junk

2. T.V.- that stops them dead in their tracks.

3. saying hey do you want to visit- insert name of so and so-? Sorry to whoever I am visiting. i am sure you dont want the circus but they really wanted to visit you:)

4. Sometimes you just have to let them run wild and some days I do just that. I usually join in may as well make it a complete circus....

So there you have it. You know now how to tame a circus..

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

wanna know about crazy eyes...

I went to get P from a nap yesterday. I love this time because she usually wants to be hugged and we can spend a few minutes together playing nicely. Anyways, I went to get her and she told me she was crazy. I said what? she said" momma I'mma crazy." My eyes went big and I said "crazy". she said "crazy eyes". and did this.........  look after the jump..

Monday, October 8, 2012

need coupons print from here:)

sharpie and plate...

I took this idea from pinterst. use a sharpie and a dollar store plate. write on them , then bake at 350 for 1/2 hour.
I think it came out cute, not as dark as I wanted. Next time just go over the writing a few times.

So now when it is someones birthday they get a special plate with the happy birthday table cloth underneath. Sometimes it is the little things like this that they remember:)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Little loves

I have a few loves in my life that I couldn't live without. Yes, I Love my kids but I am not talking about them right now.

1. I LOVE SLEEP! now that I yelled that at you , you now know how serious I am about about my love for it.  I love to sleep at least 9-10 hrs a night. I try really hard to do that even if it means going to be at 8:30am.
I have  a 'sleep time". What that means is: if I don't go to bed by the same time every night I then have a hard time falling asleep and getting a restful sleep. 

2.  sun. I love the sun. Not the sweat your face off sun. The sun that is warm enough to make you feel like you are wrapped in a blanket. If it is a chilly day and the sun is coming through a window I will sit in front of the window and take it all in. cat style.. meow!

I just realized the first two I really couldn't live without. I mean you need sleep and sun to live. Ok, so these aren't loves as much as enjoys I guess:)

3. Chocolate. I have a piece of chocolate everyday. yes, I said everyday. I need it Kinda like a drug. If I don't have some sort of sugar by the end of the day I will search the house for something. It has gotten so bad that I have eaten candy corn for some sugar. yuck ! I hate candy corn...
Does anyone know how to break a sugar addiction?

4. A Deal I hate to buy something at full price. After working in retail I realize everything goes on sale sooner or later just wait it out and whatever you need will go cheaper:) hence why my cell phone is from 1999:)

Free family Phots in Novemeber

I am so doing this. Now that we are complete(meaning no more babies, That is unless someone leaves one on my doorstep) we need a family photo.
Just a heads up!

little ways I save $-updated.

Sign under me for saving star. thanks:)

Saving star. this will give you money back after shopping for products they have on there list. They pay out at $5.00 you link your shoppers card to it have the "coupons" clipped and a few days later your money will go into an account on saving star that you can cash out once you get to $5.00. So far I have gotten $20.00

I also get some great coupons, magazines, gift cards from  You do little green things on there site(pledge to car pool things like that). Play a game, recycling. that's right. just for recycling I get points. that depends on your company you recycle with.

Here is my link for recyclebank I have been earning with them for about 2 years now. they are a search engine. You search with them and randomly earn points. these points can be redeemed for things like contest to amazon gift cards.  If you decide to sign up here is my referral link.

 So get started!

Use of time...

I know I could have a better use of my time besides watching reality tv. But I love it, not all reality tv but most.
I miss the dating shows like flavor flav, rock of love and i love NY(vh1).
Right now it is the real housewives of OC, Atlanta(kim I love you). Rehab with Dr drew( yes, I have a crush on him:).

So spill it what are you favorite Reality tv shows? I know I missing alot of them

Friday, October 5, 2012

Trying new things...

When I was younger I loved trying new things( well ones that wouldn't hurt me) and traveling.

Well in my old age I have stopped both of those. I have become a creature of routine. ugh... something i never wanted.
So I made 2012 my year to try something new. The first thing I did was take a crocheting class. iI know really crazy right:0  it was something I didn't know how to do and I wanted to learn new things.
I met a awesome lady(who happens to be a neighbor) in the class  and actually did learn how to crochet. Now to actually have time to practice it:0

My next thing was to learn Spanish. I know most people know Spanish. I sailed through Spanish thinking I would never need it..

Well I bought a program on the computer to learn Spanish and I think I may even try my hand at get this.... Polish. I know crazy right..

Next, is pole dancing I am doing this. I have wanted to do this for a long time. I will let you know how it goes. I am lacking hmm how do you say it grace? so I am sure I will make a fool of myself. But, you know what I guess I will have some laughs....

NY and Company sale half off..

I love this store. the clothes are good quality. I find there sizes a little big so shop about one size smaller.

Now through Monday, October 8, 2012.
Valid in stores & online.
$50 OFF

$100 OFF
$50 off $100 $100 off $200


Only one certificate, coupon or discount per purchase (pre-tax). Not valid on previous purchases, gift boxes, shipping fees, redlines, online clearance, City Deals, NY Deals or gift card purchases; not valid during Store Closing, store-wide 30% Off (or greater) sales and Buy One Get One Free store sales. Coupon may be used only once and must be presented at time of purchase. Not redeemable for cash or accepted as payment for any credit card account. Discount applied at time of purchase will be taken off each item returned and may not be reapplied to items being exchanged except for size or color. Featured merchandise is available at select stores only. Void if copied. Valid in USA only. Not valid at New York & Company Outlet stores. Cash value of 1/100 cent. Expires 10/8/2012.

Tops this week cereal deal with coupon link..

I love cereal... Next week at TOPS there is a good deal on some GM cereals.  They will 4 for $6 must buy 4 for that price. so that is 1.50
there are coupons on for .50 off they double so a dollar off of a box so .50 a box. awesome!!!
currently on they have 50 cents off of honey nut cherrios and cocoa puffs. those two are included in the sale.

Please use my link to print your coupons. here it is:

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Working moms

I am thinking of starting a blog and this is something i am just flirting with. tell me what you think? writing isnt my favorite thing to do but I told myself 2012 was going to be about doing new thiings. this being one of them:)
I stay at home. it wasn't a life long choice for me I didn't earn to do this but got thrown into it.
We moved, and in that move I couldn't travel to my job. I started looking for work in the town I now live in and couldn't find a job. I finally decided maybe this was a sign, a sign I needed to stay at home with my then only child. I knew I wouldn't get this time back and one day one day (gasp) I may not be cool to him anymore.

I thought growing up and while in college that I would be a mom but I would work. I wanted my children to see that women can work and still be a mother. I really identified with having a job.

I now have three kids and life has gotten to say the least busy. I can't imagine having to work now. I can barley keep the house under control and the kids schedules, husbands and my small personal life (gasp) (another blog on that soon:)in order.
I am giving props yes that's right a stay at mom mom giving props to a working mom.

How do they do it? How do you work all day then come home make dinner, do homework, spend time with the kids, and have apersonal life?

No, really I want to know?

I know since becoming a SAHM things have suffered in my life. My clothes, hair, friendships, sanity:)

Do stay at home moms really have it easier? I mean we don't have to report to someone Monday-Friday. Yes, we don't get a lunch break and yes we are with kids all day. One day our boss(es) wont be in the house anymore. I will miss that. How may of you can say you will miss your boss?:)
So maybe I dont have it so bad?
I do miss the sound of high heeled shoes coming down a hallway. That sound alone makes me want to go to work.