Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elf on the Shelf

I love this little guy. I also love the kids trying to find him in the morning. It is even cuter when Paige talks to him about what is  going on and what she did.

see... it is so cute. here she is just chatting with him...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hat or no hat

Please let me know. I like the hat alot and have never been a hat person but I was with my mom when I bought it and she said I looked cute so I bought it. Tom makes fun of me when I wear it.
Thoughts? throw it out or keep it on?

No mommaaaa

  No Elliott you no hold mommmmmaaaa I only hold momma. This was after I told Paige No elliott is playing with mommy.... Paige always says momma hold you meaning I pick her up. Cute to hear it but I have a feeling this will be happening alot..

I will have the blue scarf on ...

Part of the reason I am a unfashionsta is becuase of money. To dress nice all the time involves some cash. I would love to be put together all the time.  I do love fashion but AI am horrible at putting stuff together I wish I could.

My bestest friend sent me this... I think she is trying to tell me something.. get dressed up and come visit me... On my way.. hopefully soon.. or or since she knows how to tie scafs she will be warm enough to come visit me...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

crazy how we all look alike..

Who does this look like?

Elliott but it is my Mother. Crazy how the genes run in families.

Monday, November 12, 2012

wash your wings.

Tom was giving the kids a bath last night and Paige said this. I am washing my wings.. This is what she did.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The election--- a Memory?

Well,wont you be surprised as you read this.

I am not going to talk politics but, about building a memory.

I took all three of my kids to the polls why you ask? Am I crazy? No, I want to show them how to exercise your rights.
Now, for Paige I was telling her How women had to fight to vote. At 2 it went over her head But, I think taking her every year Will instill an importance to do it.
I was a little upset there were no longer polls( the one where the curtain closes behind you I thought that was so cool when I was young).

My mom brought us kids to the polls to vote as well so I feel like I am starting another family tradition.

Last presidential election I walked C in his stroller to the polls and I felt what it must have been like for those women before me, who fought for this right.  ok, so my voting place was only 5 mins away walking distance but still.
This year it probably was about a mile or so away and I didn't walk this time. I didn't get the same feeling maybe because I drove.
Either way I am glad I brought the kids Even if they didn't behave the greatest.

Monday, November 5, 2012

baby frup loops?

Hmmm what is that a typo? Nope for once it isn't.

P- calls fruit loops Frup loops.
So, I was eating another cereal and she said "Mommmmmmie  those are baby frup loops"..
wanna know what other cereal I was eating?

After the jump check it out!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hockey theme B-day party! I can do that...

I am proud of myself I came up with these ideas on my own.  No pinterest or looking anything up on the interent. I used my good old brain for this one.
C- wanted a hockey themed birthday party. I was like what?? great what am I going to do.
Mind you he also wanted his whole class there. 17 kids... (WHAT HUGE EYES) yep 17. Only 8 came so it was doable.
 here are some of the things I did