Friday, January 11, 2013

Deep cleaning..

I have been trying to deep clean the house. I am not sure what exactly I needed to do. I  thought about this and said hmm.. I don't know if my house has ever been deep cleaned.
 First I wiped down all of the baseboards in the house. This took a long time but I have to tell ya it looks nice. (this took a full day with upstairs and down stairs) of course it was done over the course of the day:)

Next, I really cleaned out the fridge. I do wipe  it down alot but I took the ketchup's, salad dressings etc.. moved those and cleaned under them. It was smelly. Then I cleaned the freezer.
I threw old food away and wiped it down.

Next I am going to clean behing the washer and dryer, then wipe down fans.

What else do I need to do to really deep clean?

I searched Pinterst for a monthly list of todo's for a deep cleaned house. Most of the list's I found broke it down by doing it weekly.. I wanted a one monthly big deep cleaning thing to do..  This way I didn't feel overwhelmed. If I could be done in a month period I could get it done. If it was weekly it would just get lost in my piles of dishes, laundry and toys. 
This way I could carve out a little time here and there.
Hmm.. maybe I should make a list?

If I do I need ideas on what to clean for a deep cleaned house.

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