Monday, March 11, 2013

Dawn and white vinegar.

Yep I tried another pinterest . The dawn and warm white vinegar in a spray bottle. You should use this to cut through soap scum in the tub.

Well it worked. I should of left it on about  2 hours , I only did 1 hour. I had to do some scrubbing but the majority of the soap scum just came right off.  I mean creepy like, all slidding down the side and I could see the dirt.. yuck!
I use to use comet. Yes, it worked but I sure had to scrub and do it twice to get what this did in one shot.
So, long story short it works! Go adhead try and tell me what you thought.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stop it...

I hate this question directed towards my 6 year old and 2 year old. Do you have a Boyfriend/girlfriend in your class?

REALLY, REALLY..  At the time this question was asked to C he was 5.
Let him be a kid without the worry of. Oh does she like me, I hope she likes me. Or, give him the notion that if a girl doesn't like him back then it is wrong/something is wrong with him.

Do you not have another question to ask to a 6 or 2 year old? I don't know like Do you like candy? How do you like school? Do You like Mickey Mouse?  You get my drift....

 I know sometimes when people ask it is innocent but please LET them be a kid.
It is only a matter of time before they do feel that pressure of does this boy/girl like me.
I don't want to rush the awkwardness that comes with it.

let them play with cars/ babies for as long as they want. Try and not push the older toys and cartoons for as long as you can.

Stop rushing to have your kids grow up because once they are you want them small again.

Problem is once they do end up having a BF /GF. those people who ask the question at 5 or 2 will be the first ones to say well aren't they a little young to have a BF/GF?

Money dollars.. yes, please

I was talking to Christian about money and Paige was there.
I didn't think anything of it.
A few days later I was at my moms(Nana's) and Nana had given the kids some change ( a few pennies). Christian was all excited, "yes I can put this in my bank"

Paige said" yes, MONEY DOLLARS".

Well, I don't know about you but money dollars sure seems a lot better then just Money or dollars. Them together sure sound like I am rich.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We have dated the same people?

We may have dated the same people, It may have been a one night or a few months maybe you still are dating them.

I'll explain my relationship with them first then feel free to share yours.

Jose- I have dated you a few times each time it ended horribly I don't know why I tried again. I am surprised I didn't end up in jail or the hospital.

Jim- We never really clicked but I at least gave it a shot.

Johnnie- a few times here or there sometimes, it was just to expensive to hang out with you.

Mark- Oh  you are one smooth fellow  I do like you but feel like those days are over.

Jack- I did like you and we got along pretty good, I just  needed to try something new.

Morgan- Oh you still hold a piece of my heart.

Stolichnaya- (yes, he is Russian) I will still call on you every now and then more then any of the other fellows.

But there is one, one that has stolen my heart. I never though he would but as I have gotten older I sure do enjoy him..... I call him.


I will now put in last names in case you have forgotten them.

Jose Cuervo
Jim Beam
Johnnie Walker
Makers mark
Jack Daniels
Captain Morgan
Stolichnaya that is the first and last name  although most people know him as Stoli ( a vodka for those of you who don't know)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Finding out.

I have tried to figure out how to write this so I don't offend anyone. After some thought, I was like to bad this is my opinion. (please know that either way it is still exciting and this is just my opinion)

I am against finding out the gender of your baby. I know we have the technology why not? What harm is there in finding out?
 Well will never have another surprise like this in your adult life.
I know, I have heard everything: I want to be prepared, I want to decorate the room blue or pink. I want to have the right clothes, I want to have a name picked out. I am a planner I need to know, I hate surprises.. You get my drift right...

Let me tell you it doesn't matter what gender your baby is you will never be prepared for what parenthood will do to you( for first time parents) . It doesnt matter if the room is pink or blue, if you have a cloest full of pink or blue clothes. That baby doesn't give a shit right now. They NEED food, warmth and love...

There are really cute Gender neutral clothes/bedding/ swings/paints. etc...  out there.

I get it, I get wanting to know, I wanted to know with my first. I didn't find out becuase I realized in the end the ONLY thing I wanted was a healthy baby and a safe and healthy pregnancy.
It didnt matter to me/us what gender the baby was. It was our baby and we loved him/her.

I bonded just fine with all of my babies( we didnt know with any of them) I would rub my belly and say Christian/Madeline  Noah/Paige  Camryn/ Elliott( those where the names we had for both genders) All I want is for you to be here safely.

I loved picking out names for both Genders.
 I loved  guessing what I was having.
 I loved telling everyone once the baby was here what I had. Even the doctors would guess.

THE best is in the delivery room where after 9 months of me doing everything I could to keep my babies safe . They were here. To hear the doctor say It's a  BOY/ GIRL... was incredible and worth the wait.

(Now I am sure it is just as incredible when you know the gender but why not have some surprise in your life:) I also know you can have a healthy pregnancy knowing the Gender, again this is just my opinion?

Saturday, January 12, 2013


 Help me.. should I go with bangs or no bangs?

I really love this haricut but, I also LOVE bangs. So what do you think this haircut with a deep side swept bang?

Here is the side swept bang I want:)

Again I can still not post pictures  from my computer to the blog. I have no idea why. anyone else having this problem?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Deep cleaning..

I have been trying to deep clean the house. I am not sure what exactly I needed to do. I  thought about this and said hmm.. I don't know if my house has ever been deep cleaned.
 First I wiped down all of the baseboards in the house. This took a long time but I have to tell ya it looks nice. (this took a full day with upstairs and down stairs) of course it was done over the course of the day:)

Next, I really cleaned out the fridge. I do wipe  it down alot but I took the ketchup's, salad dressings etc.. moved those and cleaned under them. It was smelly. Then I cleaned the freezer.
I threw old food away and wiped it down.

Next I am going to clean behing the washer and dryer, then wipe down fans.

What else do I need to do to really deep clean?

I searched Pinterst for a monthly list of todo's for a deep cleaned house. Most of the list's I found broke it down by doing it weekly.. I wanted a one monthly big deep cleaning thing to do..  This way I didn't feel overwhelmed. If I could be done in a month period I could get it done. If it was weekly it would just get lost in my piles of dishes, laundry and toys. 
This way I could carve out a little time here and there.
Hmm.. maybe I should make a list?

If I do I need ideas on what to clean for a deep cleaned house.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I am so proud of myself:)

 I didn't think of the idea and I have already posted on this before.
I am back at it again with the Sharpie and plate:)

I thought of this awhile ago but couldn't post because it was a Christmas gifts for Nana and she is probably my only reader:)

I am just proud of myself for coming up with some I think is clever... 
Check it out after the jump..
I guess you can't post pictures from your computer anymore. I will put the picture up on my facebook... boo...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Book rings my new love...

I didn't come up with this idea*

I always hate throwing out Christmas cards that come especially the ones with pictures. I am bad I know I shouldn't throw them out but I did.. Now, I have no excuse.

I punched holes in the sides of them put them through the book rings and Viola! Now, I will put them away with my Christmas stuff bring them out next year and years to come. I will keep adding any pictures I get through the years.

I think this will be an awesome way to see how we grow and a great little coffee table book.

I am now in love with book rings. I can make so many little flip books for the kids. My next project is a touch and feel "book" for Elliott.