Saturday, December 8, 2012

I have some big NEWS!!!


 You sillies probably thought I was going to say we are pregnant.. Well Nope!

Elliott is crawling !

 It seemed it took him the longest to get it. He did an awesome backwards crawl, which in turn would piss him off since what he was going for was going further away.

Paige and I crawled around on the floor almost all day in front of E and then boom he got it the next day. I guess we do learn by seeing.

I am excited and sad at the same time this means he is on the move to growing up:(  It happens to fast..

here is a pic of him. I sing Good Morning, Good morning , Good Morning to you.... Then give kisses each morning. I was singing  and he gets so excited that he squirms in his seat and eats his hands.

Aww.... Click, click, mental photo...

Want to remember these things..

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