Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rainbow tunnel???

Some things that happen around here really make my ringleader status ring true...

  Things I say that I never thought I'd have to say.Please do not lick the car if you are thristy I will give you a glass of water.(it was raining outside).

P- was watching TV and I thought I'd put E in the bedroom with me while I shower. I turned on the shower got some clothes out and this is what I came out to:

So needless to say we both took a shower that morning..

Then in the same day. While eating lunch P says oh look mommy a rainbow. I said" what no honey it is cloudy out today". She says "no a rainbow tunnel" she then puts her fingers under it like she is a car.

Then she told me she is done eating since it is a rainbow she doesn't want to eat it.

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