Friday, February 15, 2013

Finding out.

I have tried to figure out how to write this so I don't offend anyone. After some thought, I was like to bad this is my opinion. (please know that either way it is still exciting and this is just my opinion)

I am against finding out the gender of your baby. I know we have the technology why not? What harm is there in finding out?
 Well will never have another surprise like this in your adult life.
I know, I have heard everything: I want to be prepared, I want to decorate the room blue or pink. I want to have the right clothes, I want to have a name picked out. I am a planner I need to know, I hate surprises.. You get my drift right...

Let me tell you it doesn't matter what gender your baby is you will never be prepared for what parenthood will do to you( for first time parents) . It doesnt matter if the room is pink or blue, if you have a cloest full of pink or blue clothes. That baby doesn't give a shit right now. They NEED food, warmth and love...

There are really cute Gender neutral clothes/bedding/ swings/paints. etc...  out there.

I get it, I get wanting to know, I wanted to know with my first. I didn't find out becuase I realized in the end the ONLY thing I wanted was a healthy baby and a safe and healthy pregnancy.
It didnt matter to me/us what gender the baby was. It was our baby and we loved him/her.

I bonded just fine with all of my babies( we didnt know with any of them) I would rub my belly and say Christian/Madeline  Noah/Paige  Camryn/ Elliott( those where the names we had for both genders) All I want is for you to be here safely.

I loved picking out names for both Genders.
 I loved  guessing what I was having.
 I loved telling everyone once the baby was here what I had. Even the doctors would guess.

THE best is in the delivery room where after 9 months of me doing everything I could to keep my babies safe . They were here. To hear the doctor say It's a  BOY/ GIRL... was incredible and worth the wait.

(Now I am sure it is just as incredible when you know the gender but why not have some surprise in your life:) I also know you can have a healthy pregnancy knowing the Gender, again this is just my opinion?

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  1. I am in total agreement! Such a happy moment when the Dr says "Its a.....