Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We have dated the same people?

We may have dated the same people, It may have been a one night or a few months maybe you still are dating them.

I'll explain my relationship with them first then feel free to share yours.

Jose- I have dated you a few times each time it ended horribly I don't know why I tried again. I am surprised I didn't end up in jail or the hospital.

Jim- We never really clicked but I at least gave it a shot.

Johnnie- a few times here or there sometimes, it was just to expensive to hang out with you.

Mark- Oh  you are one smooth fellow  I do like you but feel like those days are over.

Jack- I did like you and we got along pretty good, I just  needed to try something new.

Morgan- Oh you still hold a piece of my heart.

Stolichnaya- (yes, he is Russian) I will still call on you every now and then more then any of the other fellows.

But there is one, one that has stolen my heart. I never though he would but as I have gotten older I sure do enjoy him..... I call him.


I will now put in last names in case you have forgotten them.

Jose Cuervo
Jim Beam
Johnnie Walker
Makers mark
Jack Daniels
Captain Morgan
Stolichnaya that is the first and last name  although most people know him as Stoli ( a vodka for those of you who don't know)

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