Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I will have the blue scarf on ...

Part of the reason I am a unfashionsta is becuase of money. To dress nice all the time involves some cash. I would love to be put together all the time.  I do love fashion but AI am horrible at putting stuff together I wish I could.

My bestest friend sent me this... I think she is trying to tell me something.. get dressed up and come visit me... On my way.. hopefully soon.. or or since she knows how to tie scafs she will be warm enough to come visit me...

I tried a few years back to jump on the scarf bandwagon and I feel off hard when I realized I only know how to do the knot up there^^^^^^^.
I love how a scarf could pull together jeans and a t-shirt seeing as that is my favorite. I should also know other ways to tie a scarf seeing as it is a freezer here in WNY.
Off to you tube other ways to tie a scarf.

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