Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hockey theme B-day party! I can do that...

I am proud of myself I came up with these ideas on my own.  No pinterest or looking anything up on the interent. I used my good old brain for this one.
C- wanted a hockey themed birthday party. I was like what?? great what am I going to do.
Mind you he also wanted his whole class there. 17 kids... (WHAT HUGE EYES) yep 17. Only 8 came so it was doable.
 here are some of the things I did

 Pin the puck on the stick. it is similar to pin the tail on the donkey.

here is what it looked like
 and here it is  after they played the game:

I also made a hockey puck cake.. ok, ok, I know nothing amazing but hey they all knew what it was.  Of course after  I said it has something to do with hockey:) WHO doesn't love cake right?:)

I made treat bags and all I did was buy little treat bags that were white and red. ( Detroit Red Wings
Then I bought Fudge covered oreos and labled the treat bags Puck Bags put the cookies in a Viola!
Now, I know nothing to crazy but hey I thought of it and the kids. Well, they didnt care they just wanted their cake and treat bags:)

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  1. great ideas I love theme parties I have a lot of fun making things for them!!!!