Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The election--- a Memory?

Well,wont you be surprised as you read this.

I am not going to talk politics but, about building a memory.

I took all three of my kids to the polls why you ask? Am I crazy? No, I want to show them how to exercise your rights.
Now, for Paige I was telling her How women had to fight to vote. At 2 it went over her head But, I think taking her every year Will instill an importance to do it.
I was a little upset there were no longer polls( the one where the curtain closes behind you I thought that was so cool when I was young).

My mom brought us kids to the polls to vote as well so I feel like I am starting another family tradition.

Last presidential election I walked C in his stroller to the polls and I felt what it must have been like for those women before me, who fought for this right.  ok, so my voting place was only 5 mins away walking distance but still.
This year it probably was about a mile or so away and I didn't walk this time. I didn't get the same feeling maybe because I drove.
Either way I am glad I brought the kids Even if they didn't behave the greatest.

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