Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to tame a circus.

As many of you know I call my family a circus. We are full of tricks have lots of laugh and someone is always doing something that is just plain silly.

Before I got my mini van I had a mid-size SUV. Nothing makes you feel more like a circus then getting  three kids out of the car one at a time. People must think oh there could only be like 0ne maybe two kids tops in that suv. Oh  there is one, and another.. She must be done there is no way 3 kids could fit in that suv and then boom, smoke appears then magic, another kid:)

Now with the mini-van I feel like I am driving the train that transports everyone a la Water for Elephants style.

Now my circus is hard to tame but I have found some ways to tame them...

here they are:

1. ice cream, cookies, chocolate, candy-- any junk

2. T.V.- that stops them dead in their tracks.

3. saying hey do you want to visit- insert name of so and so-? Sorry to whoever I am visiting. i am sure you dont want the circus but they really wanted to visit you:)

4. Sometimes you just have to let them run wild and some days I do just that. I usually join in may as well make it a complete circus....

So there you have it. You know now how to tame a circus..

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  1. I'm pretty sure that people think I'm nuts when I hold the car door open on my hubby's car (we have a Nissan Rogue) and three long-limbed kidlets unfold themselves from their seats. I love it!

    Gummies (fruit snacks), Harry Potter, playdoh, and stickers...those are my "magic tools" for keeping my kids in line.