Thursday, October 4, 2012

Working moms

I am thinking of starting a blog and this is something i am just flirting with. tell me what you think? writing isnt my favorite thing to do but I told myself 2012 was going to be about doing new thiings. this being one of them:)
I stay at home. it wasn't a life long choice for me I didn't earn to do this but got thrown into it.
We moved, and in that move I couldn't travel to my job. I started looking for work in the town I now live in and couldn't find a job. I finally decided maybe this was a sign, a sign I needed to stay at home with my then only child. I knew I wouldn't get this time back and one day one day (gasp) I may not be cool to him anymore.

I thought growing up and while in college that I would be a mom but I would work. I wanted my children to see that women can work and still be a mother. I really identified with having a job.

I now have three kids and life has gotten to say the least busy. I can't imagine having to work now. I can barley keep the house under control and the kids schedules, husbands and my small personal life (gasp) (another blog on that soon:)in order.
I am giving props yes that's right a stay at mom mom giving props to a working mom.

How do they do it? How do you work all day then come home make dinner, do homework, spend time with the kids, and have apersonal life?

No, really I want to know?

I know since becoming a SAHM things have suffered in my life. My clothes, hair, friendships, sanity:)

Do stay at home moms really have it easier? I mean we don't have to report to someone Monday-Friday. Yes, we don't get a lunch break and yes we are with kids all day. One day our boss(es) wont be in the house anymore. I will miss that. How may of you can say you will miss your boss?:)
So maybe I dont have it so bad?
I do miss the sound of high heeled shoes coming down a hallway. That sound alone makes me want to go to work.

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  1. I will agree sometimes I miss going to a regular job and getting dressed everyday and looking nice. PShh tell me one SAHM who gets dressed EVERY day unless she has to do something? Okay so I throw on jeans to get DD off the bus.. haha..