Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I am sure we all have had a nickname growing up. I had scotter and skeetter( me and my sister where that) we were also called rug rats.

I have nicknames for each of the kids most wont stick but still they wroked at the time.

C was crabs in the pants because he was so so so crabby. I also called him babycakes, bud. Bud has stuck the other two not so much.

P- paige- a- reno that one has stuck. Lady. I call her that when she is being silly.

E- buddy boos. This one I dont think will stick.

So what was your nickname or what do you call your kids?

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  1. funny I call Brooke Babycakes sometimes but babes is herreal nickname. Trevor I used to call him pumpkin pie but it has been shortened to punk or punky.