Friday, October 5, 2012

Trying new things...

When I was younger I loved trying new things( well ones that wouldn't hurt me) and traveling.

Well in my old age I have stopped both of those. I have become a creature of routine. ugh... something i never wanted.
So I made 2012 my year to try something new. The first thing I did was take a crocheting class. iI know really crazy right:0  it was something I didn't know how to do and I wanted to learn new things.
I met a awesome lady(who happens to be a neighbor) in the class  and actually did learn how to crochet. Now to actually have time to practice it:0

My next thing was to learn Spanish. I know most people know Spanish. I sailed through Spanish thinking I would never need it..

Well I bought a program on the computer to learn Spanish and I think I may even try my hand at get this.... Polish. I know crazy right..

Next, is pole dancing I am doing this. I have wanted to do this for a long time. I will let you know how it goes. I am lacking hmm how do you say it grace? so I am sure I will make a fool of myself. But, you know what I guess I will have some laughs....


  1. one of my good friends owns a pole studio, she is so sweet, amazing, and her classes are eclectic and a few different types of classes, so you should check her out!! i teach Flirty Girl fitness classes there too that are really fun, but no pole involved hahaa