Saturday, October 6, 2012

Little loves

I have a few loves in my life that I couldn't live without. Yes, I Love my kids but I am not talking about them right now.

1. I LOVE SLEEP! now that I yelled that at you , you now know how serious I am about about my love for it.  I love to sleep at least 9-10 hrs a night. I try really hard to do that even if it means going to be at 8:30am.
I have  a 'sleep time". What that means is: if I don't go to bed by the same time every night I then have a hard time falling asleep and getting a restful sleep. 

2.  sun. I love the sun. Not the sweat your face off sun. The sun that is warm enough to make you feel like you are wrapped in a blanket. If it is a chilly day and the sun is coming through a window I will sit in front of the window and take it all in. cat style.. meow!

I just realized the first two I really couldn't live without. I mean you need sleep and sun to live. Ok, so these aren't loves as much as enjoys I guess:)

3. Chocolate. I have a piece of chocolate everyday. yes, I said everyday. I need it Kinda like a drug. If I don't have some sort of sugar by the end of the day I will search the house for something. It has gotten so bad that I have eaten candy corn for some sugar. yuck ! I hate candy corn...
Does anyone know how to break a sugar addiction?

4. A Deal I hate to buy something at full price. After working in retail I realize everything goes on sale sooner or later just wait it out and whatever you need will go cheaper:) hence why my cell phone is from 1999:)

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