Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My bucket list

I know who says bucket list but old people right? Before kids it was called life and I did it when I wanted. 

Now I have to make a list...

Well here is my bucket list:

These are the ones I want to do by myself or with friends:

I want to shot a gun. At a range people, controlled environment.
Visit California again and hang with Joy, I sure do miss her.
Dirty girl race with friends. Oh man that looks like so much dirty fun.:)

This I want to do with Tom:

 Zombie run. All these runs I better get to training:)
Grand canyon. We wanted to do this for our honeymoon but someone made it hard for me to climb and be in the heat.....
Curling- I know crazy right. #1 where do I find a place to do curling? and two what is this Canada?
A vacation somewhere warm just me and him.. oh just thinking of it brings a smile to my face.
The big one.... renew our vows. I want to do it all over again this time I wont be half as nervous and I can drink:)

Things with the kids/family:

Nickelodeon studios.
I am not a Disney person, I know all of you people who have done Disney have now snubbed me. sorry.
I'll put the grand canyon here It would be a nice family thing to do.
Have monthly dates with each one of the kids. This one I can start now! I want them each to feel special.
NYC the lights and bussling of the city they would love. this one I also want to do with my mom.

So there you have it. i am sure i will think of more as life goes on but let's hope I cross some off before I add more.

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