Saturday, October 6, 2012

little ways I save $-updated.

Sign under me for saving star. thanks:)

Saving star. this will give you money back after shopping for products they have on there list. They pay out at $5.00 you link your shoppers card to it have the "coupons" clipped and a few days later your money will go into an account on saving star that you can cash out once you get to $5.00. So far I have gotten $20.00

I also get some great coupons, magazines, gift cards from  You do little green things on there site(pledge to car pool things like that). Play a game, recycling. that's right. just for recycling I get points. that depends on your company you recycle with.

Here is my link for recyclebank I have been earning with them for about 2 years now. they are a search engine. You search with them and randomly earn points. these points can be redeemed for things like contest to amazon gift cards.  If you decide to sign up here is my referral link.

 So get started!

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